Making a difference starts by being different from everyone else.


Accessible Customer Service

We understand that you call for help, not to get the run around. Which is why, to us, the relationship starts when we pick up the phone. Whether you need a payoff, title, or have a question about your account, call our home office in Hattiesburg at 1.800.222.1610 and talk with a person not a machine.

Accurate and Secure Records

While other finance companies store titles and records off site at insecure and hard to reach locations, we store all of our titles and records in a safe, secure vault in Hattiesburg. This keeps you from waiting for titles or lien releases upon payoff.

Equipment Expertise

Being committed to Equipment Finance means knowing equipment. From construction equipment to trucks, trailers, towboats and beyond, we have the resources and knowledge to finance most common and many not so common types of equipment. Many types of equipment - new and used - that don't meet other institutions’ criteria can be financed by BancorpSouth Equipment Finance.

Consistent dedication through all business cycles

Bull markets, bear markets, recessions, wars, panics, meltdowns – you name it, we’ve seen it. And since 1976, we’ve worked through it. No matter what the situation, we have stayed truly committed to financing equipment for our customers.

Skill in the Field

We’re not just sitting behind a desk. Our people are in the field and average nearly 20 years in the equipment finance business. They apply their experience and expertise to any equipment finance specifications and timetable.